Draft a Stock Trading Plan To Invest And Earn Smarter

Every serious business has to be handled with smart techniques to secure success at the end. We have to start understanding the concept. We will have to look for opportunities to know the various options available to approach it and choose the best. Later we should keep monitoring the chosen path to check if it proceeds well and keeps doing it.

We have to also check for other threatening factors that can hamper the progress and keep an eye on it. These are certain basic things we should keep in mind while doing anything. It is the same when it goes to stock trading too. Let us see in detail the important steps to be followed.

Understand the stock trading environment

A stock market is a platform wherein we can buy and sell shares commonly with millions of people around the world to trade actively. They are secondary markets where people who hold shares can transact with interested buyers. The companies which have their shares generally do not participate in the day to day trading activities.

It is important that we first acquaint ourselves with the stock market and also understand the various market elements influencing trends in the market. We can read a variety of books that will enhance our knowledge, subscribe some valuable materials available on the Internet and also follow the news channels regularly to get a good hang of it

Understand the basic purpose of trading

Establishing trading goals are necessary so as to operationalize our funds in an effective manner. We can do trading every day or once a week. We will have to buy shares and sell it when the price has increased or we can sell it in the first place and buy back when the price is too low. We can also invest in short intervals of time and leave our investments to mature for a long time and then earn profits.

Plan on your finances

We have to check our fund balances. Just make a note of the daily or monthly commitments and other yearly fund requirements and plan for the investments. Separate out some money towards emergency fund requisites. The investments have to be regular and long lasting to reap the maximum benefits.

Choose the best platform to trade

We have to enquire and choose the best trading platform and broker as well. The broker should be the most reliable and honest and also execute orders with less commission. They should be also providing the best tools for self-research and help us with good guidance. Practice well before you start trading. Get experienced with all the available options in hand.

Keep the risks in mind

It is very much exciting to trade and start earning. But the risks involved and the consequences also have to be well understood before taking large steps.

These are some of the basic concepts that we need to keep in mind. Explore and invest smartly.

How CSR Can Improve The Financial Accessibility Of A Corporation

The success of a corporation depends upon a lot many aspects, of which the CSR aka Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the significant aspects, given utmost attention in this technological era. It is because at one end, although the technology offers several opportunities for the corporate to develop and produce innovative outcomes, on the other hand, the very innovative developments might lead to pathetic side effects if not carried out with social responsibility and the classic example of the same is the water wastage/water pollution by the prominent beverage manufacturing companies.

Therefore, CSR is highly important, both for the constructive development of the company and the society but, how is it going to improve the financial accessibility of the corporation? Can it really do so? We have 3 significant factors to put forth, which can help you understand the correlation and effect of the CSR on improving the financial accessibility of the corporation.

  • Increased investors’ engagement

If a corporation’s CSR performance is better and greater then, it obviously means only fewer to nil risks are concerned with the corporation, which, naturally, interests the investors and urge them to engage more. Although investors aim for financial benefits while choosing to invest in a corporation, they certainly want those benefits risk-free, which, only a socially responsible corporation aka corporation with a better CSR rating can offer, undoubtedly. Therefore, more investor engagement means not only more capital but, also fewer chances of opportunistic behavior by the investors, which is certainly, desirable for the unrestrained growth of the corporation.

  • Unconditional investments

If a corporation is not so socially responsible but, yet, capable of producing astonishing solutions, it might still find financial relief in the name of eager investors but, not without facing any restraints. Such financial restraints might prove the hindrance to the absolute growth and freedom of the organization and therefore, to avoid them, the only way is to be socially responsible aka improve the CSR performance factor.

  • Better profits

A socially responsible corporation naturally, tends to be more transparent with the practices and policies that attract not only the stakeholders but also the end- consumers, greatly! This, in turn, improves the sales performance of the corporation, leading the organization to a path of financial solidity and greater financial accessibility, appreciably. Also, being socially responsible is favored by everyone these days and therefore, could be one of the most expected characteristics a customer wishes to see in the corporation with whom or with whose products they deal with!

Managing your Working Capital Finances!!

Working in a company, and starting your own company has lots of difference in your lifestyle. Working for one company gives you limited opportunities to earn and save, while your own business will give you more power and unlimited growth opportunities to grow and lead a better life than you lived.

But, how can you start a business? What’s the cost involved? What’s the initial capital that is required and how much do you need initially? How can you arrange your finances for starting up your business?

Well, here are some tips for you to arrange your finances better and get your business working capital sooner.

Start with simple habits:

Starting up a business is never an easy task, at the same time, not an impossible one, if you plan everything right before. Managing finances is the biggest task in business, as every penny spent should be accounted at the end to create the profit that we set at the beginning.

So, to manage your accounts, you don’t need to hire professional accountants or even use fancy software’s to manage your accounts. There is much free software that can be used for your business, to track the money flow, which goes out as an expense and comes in as billing, profits and so on. You can track any unintimated cost or even a bill that is due to arrive, using approximate clauses and settings and see the total expenses and income.

Don’t get too complicated at the beginning:

Getting the complex detailing of billing, breaking down the bills, segregating it in every way, will definitely make you the job look more complex and sometimes even tiring. So, use the app or software or even the human accountant as much as you can handle, never get extreme detailing. You can have various columns as income, expense, billing to the client, bill of customers, inventory and so on.

Keep the time frame realistic:

Yes, this is very important when you decide to start your business. Your working capital has the potential to give you results as expected, but under certain conditions only! The money that you invest in business can’t be doubled or tripled in just a year unless you have a rarest of business that has many users and you are one of the kind without many competitors. To be realistic, you need to keep a time frame that will allow you to know your business well and utilize your skill to the maximum, and then get the profits.

Methods To Control Inflation and Its Effect on the Economy

Inflation is an economic status when the price of goods and services increase and has an effect on the cost and standard of living of the people on the whole. This inflation has many types and causes which require a detailed understanding even by the common people so that they know how to manage at such times of economic distress.

Formulating measures for facing such economic setbacks is taken up by the government and these prove to help the people to balance their cash, savings and spending accordingly. The main policy tools which help in controlling and sustaining inflation are:

  1. Monetary policy: when there is huge economic growth, the industry cannot meet this quick pace to meet the demand during this time. This puts pressure on people as firms increase their price of the goods at such times as demand is more. Here policies which reduce aggregate demand can be helpful at this time. At this point in time, the central banks should have a higher interest rate of borrowing so it makes more saving than spending by the people which can stabilize the money flow in the economy as a whole.
  2. Fiscal policy: this is when a higher rate is imposed on taxation policy in a country which will have the lower spending effect and accordingly people can tackle their cost of living at such pressured moments. Reducing aggregate demand and imposing more tax will be a handy solution taken up by the government at such times.
  3. Wage Control: though this was an old practice in the 1970’s this proved quite effective to control inflationary pressure, a method to control wages. Limiting the wage growth when employee unions bargain for the same can be a method to moderate the inflation effect. This will automatically influence a reduction in cost-push inflation.
  4. Monetarism: this is a strategy which controls inflation by reducing the money supply, as monetarists judge a strong link between inflation and money supply. Some policies which support this factor are:
  • Increased interest rates
  • Reduction in the budget deficit
  • Control the money created by government.
  1. Supply-side policies: the continuous un-competitiveness and costs increasing cause more inflation. This can be regulated by supply-side policies such as easier labor market which can reduce the pressure of inflation. But these take a long time and can be considered as a last resort to inflation.

The topic of inflation control has become the main concern for governments and this helps the economy and its development to a great extent.

Going Back To The History Of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are fairly new. To start with, you should know that cryptocurrencies are not the same as any digital currency that we have. The earlier versions were centralized but cryptocurrencies today are not. The most well-known cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Interestingly cryptocurrencies were not meant to be the way it is today. It was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto who aimed to create an electronic way to send cash from one to the other. There were always concerns with decentralization and people wanted some way to ease the digital way of transacting cash.

The cryptocurrency applied maths and computers to solve the shortcomings that were therein fiat currencies.

Dating back to the 1980s

The technical foundation of cryptocurrencies dates back to the 1980s. That was the time when David Chaum who was a cryptographer invented an algorithm that is the main version of the modern encryption. The system was such that it allowed information exchange in secure and unadulterated format. This led to the scope of electronic transfers in the future. This got was popularly known as blinded money.

It was followed by enlisting another cryptocurrency enthusiastic to commercialize the concept. This led to the invention of DigiCash which was a for-profit company that made units based on this blind algorithm. TheDigiCash was not decentralized and had government control. The company, however, had an upper hand on the supply the same way in which banks have an upper hand on the fiat currency.

Satoshi Nakamoto understood that starting a new online system that was centralized would give him no results. So he decided to create a system that was digital and had no control of the government. Thus it was totally decentralized. This currency was Bitcoin. This was the first decentralized currency that was not controlled by any governing body or bank. The only one who had control on it was the Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin was created in the year 2008 and after that its value exploded. When Bitcoin was created it was worth some cents. However the value grew exponentially and in the year 2017, a single Bitcoin was priced around $7500. Bitcoin thus grew to a monumental level in the last few years.

After this, many new cryptocurrencies were invented which improvised on the bitcoin algorithm. And yes it is no rocket science to know that those who had invested into Bitcoin at an earlier stage became rich overnight.

Company CSR Initiatives And How It Attracts The Youth To It

The consumer population is growing and so is the access to the internet and technology. The young techie brains do a lot of research, thanks to the internet offering those loads of information. This makes them very choosy and them and up preferring companies that are responsible and ethical. And it is all about getting the information and the consumer would end up being loyal to the product for years together.

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Having a CSR in place lets the consumers know that the company is responsible. And this is what attracts the large market segment to it. The consumers spend the time to research on what CSR activities the company is into. They may also check the labor practices that the company follows as well as the ethical records of the company. Many companies think that it is just a burden to do something for the society. Unfortunately for them, the young minds do not think the same way.

Being a part of a company

Why would some employees choose to work for a company is also dependent on the CSR initiative a company takes? A survey shows that some young minds and techies would not like to be associated with companies that have a bad brand name in the market. This is even if the company with a not-so-good reputation would be paying extra. On the contrary, today’s generation pays a lot of focus on what the company values are, how good a brand name it is and what their work culture is. It is not about money but also to feel self-worth when you work for an organization.

Whether a company is engaged in a social cause could make an employee choose whether or not to be associated with the company. Also the young minds, being the biggest workforce as well as the biggest asset to an organization, it is important that a company takes part in CSR initiatives. Ask a young and a passionate mind and he would tell you that he is not just interested in consuming products of companies that take a deep interest in the social causes; in fact, he himself wants to be apart of it.

Does this impact the finances of a company? Yes, it does. With more consumers and more good words about the company end up with more revenue and at the same time having happy and satisfied employees who genuinely care about the growth and betterment of the brand.


All About The Fixed Income Funds

The Fixed Income Funds are a popular investment choice, whose characteristics differ from that of the shares and other assets and therefore, adding them to your portfolio can offer favorable results but, only after knowing certain basic things about them.

What is it?

The fixed income funds own the fixed-income securities such as the government bonds, municipal bonds, corporate bonds and so on and therefore, favorably come with lesser risks. The returns you enjoy from them are fixed and therefore, favorable for conservative investors and people nearing their retirement period.

Popular fixed-income securities

  • Municipal Bonds

As the name implies, these are bonds issued by the municipalities of the specific states and cities, in the idea of securing funds for certain infrastructure projects like highway construction, bridge construction and so on, Therefore, the duration of the bonds can last from few months to many years, accordingly. Purchasing the bonds can benefit the high marginal taxpayers, as the interest paid is mostly, tax-free.

  • Certificates of Deposit

By purchasing these bonds, actually, you are favoring the bank by allowing them to use your money for their loan funding needs. That is why you are here offered with a high interest that also comes with the fact that your money is being locked or kept away from you for a longer period of time.

  • Investment-grade corporate bonds

These bonds are issued by high-grade corporations to secure money for their various significant activities. When you purchase these bonds, along with enjoying the stated amount of interest on the scheduled date, you can also spread your risks, as you have the access to choose from the diversified choices of corporate bonds.

  • International Fixed Income Funds

Indeed, these are bonds issued by the foreign entities and therefore, depending upon the value of the involved currencies, you could gain maximum benefits, favorably.


Following are the significant benefits enjoyed by the investors choosing the Fixed Income Funds.

  • Steady Income

This bond is designed in such a way as to offer steady income to the investors that too on the scheduled dates and therefore, can suit anyone and everyone in favor of it.

  • Tax exemption

Certain fixed income bond types like the Municipal Bonds and Treasury securities, allow the investors to enjoy some tax exemptions, whose benefits and limitations depends upon the individual bond types.

  • Secured Capital

One need not worry about the capital when they choose to invest in one of the fixed income bond types because the capital is paid back to you on the future predefined date, as promised. This is very true in the case of ‘Certificates Of Deposit and the Treasuries!

Understanding Cryptocurrencies And How It Works

A cryptocurrency is a form of currency that is decentralized and also encrypted. The currency gets transferee between the peers and this transaction gets confirmed in a ledger which is public. This process is known as mining.

It is important to first start with knowing how cryptocurrencies work. In simple terms, the cryptocurrency is just like using a debit card or a PayPal account. Just that what you would be sending or receiving will not be in fiat currency but a cryptocurrency. One is allowed to buy, sell or store cryptocurrencies.

Using cryptocurrency does not need lots of understanding. All that you need to know is that it is like your traditional monetary system like using a credit card. Before understanding cryptocurrency one needs to know what digital currency is. Blockchain technology and cryptography are also important to understand cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency

When you transact in cryptocurrencies it gets recorded ina digital leger and this is known as Blockchain. Every process that happens is totally secure and is secured by cryptography. There is a lot of connections between these.

How does cryptocurrency works?

The cryptocurrency transactions present between the peers through cryptocurrency wallets. This is done by matching the public codes. All the transactions are recorded in a ledger that is held by the public.Everycryptocurrency user will have access to this ledger.

The transaction amount that happens in public but what one cannot see is who has done the transaction. Each transaction leads toa digital cryptocurrency wallet. Whoever has the password or the key to access the wallet owns the cryptocurrency which gets denoted the ledger.

When someone receives a cryptocurrency or when someone sends a cryptocurrency this can be done using public and private passwords. This transaction gets queued and gets added to the ledger. The blocks get added sequentially. This is the reason why this technology is known blockchain. In simple words, it is a chain or block of transactions.

How does cryptocurrency work?

It would seem very confusing to understand how cryptocurrencies work. Do not give up and understand what the fundamental concepts are in cryptocurrencies. There are many explanations on the web and you can read them to understand how the cryptocurrencies are transacted in.

See videos and read blogs as each article that you read or see will give you some extra information about cryptocurrencies. There are also lots of technical explanations on cryptocurrencies for those interested in the technical aspect of this currency.